The Egyptian star Yousra Al-Lawzi was bullied by an Instagram follower who described her as “Mother of Tarsha”, after appearing on the “With You” program with the media Mona Al-Shazly. The star responded to bullying, saying that she is proud of being the mother of a deaf child, and she gave some awareness-raising advice regarding the term “deaf.” And she continued: “Firstly, the correct and acceptable term is” deaf and hard of hearing “and not being deaf or dumb, secondly, I am proud of being the mother of a deaf child because she taught me so many needs and remained a better human being because of her, and I am sure that she will look to an educated and superior person, and you will not need someone to achieve it. Her dreams. ”

The star emphasized that her daughter inspired her to raise her voice and speak during the program to demand the detection of early hearing for newborns, which in turn will contribute positively to the lives of many families and will allow “deaf and hard of hearing” children to receive the necessary support from an early age so that they do not become a burden and integrate into society. The star, Zina Reda, stood in solidarity with her colleague and republished what Al-Luizi wrote and wrote on Instagram, saying: “We know which means mother, it means love, sacrifice, suffering, giving, fatigue, responsibility and many needs that do not have a description.

She added: “Do you know, what do you describe a child? I mean, Satan himself is ashamed that he does that. You are neither Satan nor human beings. You are an unspeakable need. You are a weak and sick creature.

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