It was just a few years back when people used social media as a source for chatting, soon it changed into the broadcasting channel and now it’s a hub for brand endorsement. Back then it was just about posting and advertising your business on social media but not the trends have been changed.

People want awareness about what you are promoting and it’s done by interaction with each other. When Facebook didn’t introduce messenger yet, there were no personal chats between customers and brand owners.
After messenger was introduced, the survey has it that huge numbers of messages were exchanged between the two parties.


Customer brand relationship


It’s easy to advertise your brand on social media. But how to get the hype you want for your business. If you have a well-known brand but still you are responsive to your customer messages, it will defiantly create a positive vibe for your brand.
Not that it’s needed to be done but it’s required to be done for the sake of awareness and relationship between the brand and customer.
Simply broadcasting content will give you less response and you won’t be able to circulate the traffic. Traffic needs to be directed. Just like you can purchase few hundred twitter followers and share your message. You will give the direction by getting them involved through comments and then dragging them to personal messages.



When you post regarding your business, you will get likes and comments from your followers. But as you get involved and reply to your followers won’t it be a positive approach to everybody that is visiting your page?
Of course, it will be! It will encourage your followers and they will actively participate in your posts which will give you more hype that you deserve.


Relevant content


Posting a review Message  can get you attention. This will grab the attention of the viewers and make them believe in your work. Like, post a screen of customer messages on how great full they are for your quick services.
Reply with a thank you message on your wall and tag them as well that’s more like a professional approach. It will get more likes and responses.




You are responsible for what you advertise and you are responsible for what critics you get for it. You just need to be responsible enough to tackle it and give the audience what they want. Not all the messages or comments might be in your favor.
Never ignore them! The best way is to reply to them and convince them and make them believe in you that you are a responsible brand which will try to improve it if they have a complaint about it.


Value your followers


They get their hopes high if you get to engage with them. They will expect more. Set a team to interact with your customers and never keep them on hold. They will bring you more customers. Instead, they will advertise for your courteous response.
Ask for reviews, believe it or not, most people go after reviews because they tell the truth and everyone loves the truth.

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