Shahid Shabaz was born and bought up in a little town Kumta in Karnataka, India. He is a young, passionate, and enthusiastic musician. Would he have ever imagined that the whole Dubai will run over to every part of the world where he would perform? Shahid Shahbaz has become a singing sensation for his innovative style of singing. A few years back in India, he started his musical journey. Within very little time, he becomes one of the most popular singers. Shahid Shahbaz was known to be a niche Sufi singer in UAE. He is a practicing Muslim. He practices Muslim culture very regularly. Not only Islamic Culture, but he also follows his country’s culture. Shahid Shahbaz is a Muslim who offers five times a day. Shahid Shahbaz belongs to a pure Muslim Family. He was a senior under officer member for three years in National Cadet Corps (NCC). He played football at the state level in the university. Shahid Shahbaz is a very athletic person as he participated in the triple jump long jump athletics winning around 15 to awards at the district and state level. He did his Bachelor of Science with incredible numbers. He was searching for the job when he went to Dubai. He had a job there and made music part-time. He did the job for one and a half years after that, he started making music regularly. He has been making music for about six years now. Shahid Shahbaz often visits Sri Lanka for events. He not only held events there but also teach Sufi music to the Muslim Coro Loscam group. He is known as the teacher of Sufi music there. Shahid Shahbaz holds his events in different countries. He has visited more than 14 to 15 countries in the past years. He is famous for being a loving and warm person. Shahid Shahbaz is said to have a voice that is God-gifted. He makes himself the part of the song every time he sings. Most of the audience said that they get a complete loss of words when it comes to describing Shahid’s performance. The main thing that makes Shahid Shahbaz superior of all is he wants to make only Sufism music. He sings Sufi songs, naats, and only Islamic music. Although having his background from India, he has no intention of joining the Bollywood industry. Shahid is all set to make a comeback with his first-ever solo music album. He is composing the fusion music from some of the world’s most excellent musicians. The magnetic performer is looking forward to launching his always to his fans pretty soon. He has become a real celebrity in no time, and in spite of his growing success, he is still a humble person. He is always happy to meet his fans and to fulfill his fan’s requests during his concerts. Fans are much anticipated to know about his upcoming album. It will be his official solo debut, and many are looking forward to it as has collaborations for the fusion music with some of the most excellent musicians around the globe. His fans love to see him perform on stage and always get excited during his concerts. He holds his shows around the world for his fans and also performs at special events in different countries

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