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Inspired by the father of Sheikha Maryam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan’s grandfather, the new “Al Otaiba” group tells stories of Sheikha Maryam’s grandfather’s grandparents, and honors the heritage of the United Arab Emirates, adding a contemporary twist to it.

Pearl and date

  • Jewelry set

These handcrafted jewelery reconciles the past and the present through stories that tell it and its design that takes into account the smallest details, using Emirati pearls as well as classic mother-of-pearl and agate.

The collection consists of five rings, rings, bracelets and earrings inspired by five headings that reclaim the nation’s heritage in the field of pearls and the history of “Otaiba”, all with contemporary designs that address new generations.

Sheikha Maryam Bint Khalifa says: “Emirati pearls and mother-of-pearl are very precious to us.

She added, “I wanted to celebrate my heritage, because it made me who I am today, and with these symbols and tales, this land and its people. And these stories, just like jewelry, will one day become part of our heritage and our proud history.”

Lulu Cube 

Lulu Cube jewelry is characterized by classic designs pre-era, suitable for contemporary and powerful women who take pride in their heritage and boast in a style that matches the present and the future, where the use of hand-polished red agate indicates the history of these areas of the earth, it is extracted from archaeological sites and used in the finest pieces of jewelry.

Lulu Heart

Classic jewelry that mimics the sensations, and perpetuates the designs of pearls that the Otaiba brought with him from his journey, inspired by the pearl merchants and the woman who owns pearls between the legacy of her family because she embodies the amount of love surrounding the pearls and the feelings associated with the gifting of pearls.

The Lulu Hearts collection includes classic pieces that express the transfer of the symbol of love and love across generations.

Promise Knot 

As a token of confidence, inspired by the rope pearl divers used to shell oysters, MKS jewelry enters a simple rope hand-stranded on the collection’s designs, replete with the emotional messages of this precious amulet on the bottom of the sea. Like the thread of trust between the diver and the sip, he is responsible for dragging him to safety.

The Promise Knots are the embodiment of a woman who believes in the wisdom of herself and in her ability to fulfill the covenants she makes.

Sea Signs

Pearl divers used to use a compass at sea to locate them. Sea Signs jewelery draws inspiration from the compass, and adorns the stars set with sparkling diamonds that bring to mind the stars that Otaiba was looking at, to remind the woman to always pursue her dreams and never to stop finding her own charm.

The Poet

The Poet jewelry perpetuates poetry as one of the arts that has been associated with the heritage of the UAE, and boasts beautiful caps in the form of golden manuscripts, containing poems by Sheikh Zayed and Mana Al Otaiba. The manuscripts bearing the name “flamingo” refer to the singer who was accompanying the pearling boats full of divers, to boost their spirits by reciting poems.


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