• The 17-year-old had access to three bank accounts from which he used the money
  • The teenager said that he was using the mobile phone extensively to study

In a shocking incident, a teenager in Punjab lost nearly Rs 16 lakh in the massively popular and addictive game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG Mobile, as he spent the amount in making in-app purchases and upgrading while playing the game, the media has reported. The 17-year-old had access to three bank accounts and he used them to spend money on the super-addictive PUBG Mobile game.

The teenager told his parents that he was using the mobile phone extensively to study whereas he would spend hours playing PUB Mobile. In addition to making in-app purchases for himself while playing the game, he would also purchase upgrades for his teammates as well, said a report in the inc67.

The incident came to light when the teenager’s parents accessed the bank accounts and realised that he had spent almost Rs 16 lakh. The teenager, according to media reports, would extensively use his mother’s mobile phone to play PUBG Mobile and after completing the bank transactions, would erase all the messages from her device. According to his father, he had saved the money for his son’s future and medical needs

The teenager’s father is a government employee and was posted somewhere else when his teenage son spent the money on PUBG Mobile game. The minor also used to shuffle the money from one bank account to another to avoid being caught. The cops did not help the minor’s parents as he had deliberately spent the whopping amount on the game, the report added.

Even though it is immensely popular, but PUBG has drawn a lot of flak for a long time and the hue and cry over the addictive game does not seem to stop any time soon. The game has been embroiled in controversy India as well as in China.


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