Dubai: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced the launch of the ‘Arab Space Pioneers’ programme that aims to build Arab expertise in space science and technologies.

Overseen by the UAE Space Agency, the programme will equip young Arab researchers, scientists, inventors and creative talents with skills and expertise required to lead a career in the growing space sector

The three-year intensive training programme incubates young talents and expands their career prospects in the region’s emerging space technologies.

On his Twitter account, Sheikh Mohammed said: “In the coming days, the UAE will launch the Hope Probe to Mars, the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission. And today, we are launching a programme to invite Arab youth to gain expertise in space technologies in the UAE.” He added: “We strive to prepare the next generation of Arab astronomers and space scientists as part of our wider mission to revive the Arab civilisation’s status in the scientific sphere.”

Candidates with a passion for space science and a scientific background can apply on the website Applications will be evaluated based on qualifications and achievements in the fields of research and science.

The ‘Arab Space Pioneers’ programme was launched in the run-up to the UAE’s historic launch of the Hope Probe to Mars, scheduled for July 15, 2020, in the first-ever Arab mission to the Red Planet. The Emirates Mars Mission aims to spark an Arab exploration of outer space, build a space industry in the region and advance regional and national capabilities in this sector.

The programme seeks to help the region’s talents in the creative and scientific industry to pursue their passion in for space science through specialised training in the UAE, which has long invested in the space sector, making it the Arab world’s most advanced space initiative.

It aims to invest in young Arab capacities who, in turn, can actively contribute to the global science community and drive scientific, economic and social development in their societies. The programme highlights the importance of investing in the multi-faceted space technology as a major driver of the future knowledge-based economy in the region.

Programme benefits

Participants in the ‘Arab Space Pioneers’ programme will receive a number of benefits, including a fully-covered three-year residency in the UAE, a world-class specialised training in space science and technology, an opportunity to build advanced satellites in the UAE and access to scholarships and other financial incentives. Joining the programme also increases job opportunities and provides an opportunity to join teams of Emirati researchers, engineers and experts in a number of space projects.

Inspiring Young Minds

Dr Ahmad Belhoul, Chairman of the UAE Space Agency, said: “The ‘Arab Space Pioneers’ programme responds to the rising ambitions and passion of the young Arab generation in advanced sciences and space, and tackles the need to invest in the future economy.”

He added: “Announcing the programme in line with the countdown to the historic launch of the UAE’s Mars Hope Probe sends an inspirational message to young Arab minds and talents across the region that the sky is not the limit to their dreams. The programme enables them to make their dreams a profound reality, presenting the UAE as a live example that embedded the culture of possibilities in its approach and work philosophy.”

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