Music is often considered food for the soul and Michael Brian has proved it with his success. He has an exceptional ear for good music and a refined taste for music composition. Michael Brian is the owner of the biggest recording studio in Los Angeles. His studio, Crosby Management Company, is an independent recording facility. In addition, the company offers an overall development and training facility to budding artists.

Crosby Management is built over a huge area that comprises a compound of 10,000 sq. ft. The facility can easily accommodate 25 to 40 people per day. Brian’s business is modeled to keep the needs of the artist in mind. Being an artist turned entrepreneur he knows very well what facilities are necessary for an artist to grow. At present, Michael Brian is working with some of the top names in the music industry, such as Gunna, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Lil Wayne. Besides offering the artists a state-of-the-art facility to use to do their recording, Crosby Management also takes care of the overall progress and reach of an artist.

Michael Brian offers an annual deal to aspiring artists to work with the label on retainer. He wants to extend a helping hand to every artist who aspires to showcase his talent to the world. Besides providing the facilities at his recording studio, Michael Brian has efficiently handled the hospitality part of his business. He is an expert at making people comfortable and feel at home within the first few minutes. It is because of this hospitality that he has been able to retain artists like Thug, Keed, and Gunna and had them sign a deal to be a part of his studio working for YSL artists.

He has maintained an open-door policy for everyone who becomes part of his business. From artists to engineers, anyone can walk away at any time if they are not comfortable with his policies. It is this hospitality and sense of welcome that ignites a spark of togetherness among every person who is part of Crosby Management or who works with Michael Brian.

He has put his hospitality skills and Aloha principle to attract millions of people on social media platforms. When Instagram was a budding platform in the digital space with no big brand or names attached to it, Michael Brian still managed to win an incredible number of followers on his account. It is his positive vibe and sense of hospitality that draws people towards loving his work and his creativity as an artist.

Michael Brian is a musician, executive producer, and record executive at the age of 31. Considering his age, he managed to live his dreams quite early in his life. However, his journey to success was not an easy one. He had his share of hardships and challenges that he managed to overcome. At the age of 15, he dropped out of his studies, and at 17 he was already living alone in an apartment in NYC.

He worked hard during his teens and with the money he earned he purchased equipment to pursue his dream of becoming a serious musician. Michael Brian believes that every obstacle or challenge in life teaches us something and we should focus on the lesson it teaches rather than the problem. What you will find in attacking a problem is the best solution for any situation. He is a devoted follower of Aloha and feels that if he can make himself happy he can spread happiness to others as well. It is this positive attitude that has earned Brian a deal with Disney Company for their podcasting suites.

With such ambitious projects coming up, Michael Brian and his business have a promising future ahead. He wants to make the most out of every opportunity coming his way to help others grow with him.

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