He is a young Facebook Ads strategist, who with his company Locate 852, has earned a powerful list of clienteles.

It is always quite amazing to know and learn about all those people that exude a different level of passion and determination to get nearer their goals and visions in life and, in the process, inspire many others well. The digital space is one, which so far has welcomed many such talented beings, but one name that has been buzzing high lately is Christopher Isaac Chung, more popularly known as Chris Chung. This young man has gone ahead many others in the digital space, earning great name and fame as a leading Facebook Ad strategist.

He was born in 1996 in Los Angeles, California and now based between London and Hong Kong. Right from the very beginning, if anything that attracted Chris Chung the most, it was the idea to create something of his own, something in the entrepreneurial space, which can help him grow as a professional and an individual. Hence, during his first year at university, he began his company in Hong Kong in 2016. Seeing a constant boom into the digital marketing and advertising space, Chris Chung decided to be a part of this game and, since then, has dived deep into the field to learn as many things as possible to become an ace entrepreneur in the field. He always had a passion for marketing and advertising and first started to work towards being an influencer on Instagram. Looking at how others created fashion/lifestyle content, he monetized the same and ultimately grew his network to 35K.

Chris Chung grew immensely in the industry and then decided to launch his company named ‘Locate 852’ (https://locate852.com/), to help people manage and grow their Instagram profiles. He grew his clients base from small companies to even celebrities and quickly pivoted from management to advertising to make a higher jump in the digital space. Today, he has become the #1 Facebook Ads strategist, helping them scale themselves and their brands to exponential levels of growth and success.

Being an entrepreneur in the digital space at 25 years and being a total Rockstar at that is a feat not many youngsters have been able to achieve. To know more, follow him on Instagram @chrisichung.


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