fter months spent indoors attempting DIY mani-pedis, salons are open to full effect – with safety measures rightly in place, of course. But one takeaway from #QUARANTINELIFE is that less is more… We no longer want the bi-weekly trips to salons for touch ups or wish to spend on high-maintenance treatments that require constant attention.

The rest and reset of recent times has us reflecting on beauty and our relationship to it: self care and self love is of upmost importance, now more than ever, so we are left wondering which treatments will have us looking and feeling our brightest self faster and for longer…


Our eyebrows have a magical way of framing the face and defining the eyes, so it makes sense that in recent years more and more women are paying closer attention to this part of the body. Tinting is big business in the Middle East, but now, so is microblading. The semi-permeant treatment involves incorporating shading and realistic hair-like strokes, leaving you with the density and look your after. Lasting up to 18 months, you’ll cut down the monthly trips to the salon, and wake up with your brows already in perfect shape and shade.

A pioneer in this field, Brau offers specialised treatments, customised for an individualised approach, so you feel comfortable you’ll get the exact results you’re after. Another way to brighten the face after months spent indoors is with a lash treatment. The lash lift – lasting up to six weeks – tints and curls the natural lashes upwards ensuring maximum length and volume and removes the need for mascara on the daily.

The super-sleek, Springs-located salon also offers skincare treatments such as the million dollar facial. For those wanting a deep exfoliation after quarantine, this will do just that: it removes dead skin cells and non-terminal hair, polishes the skin, flushes toxins and stimulates natural collagen and cell turnover, doing so with derma-planning, skin needling, lymphatic drainage massage and a hyaluronic acid mask. Your skin is left feeling soft, supple and undeniably brighter.

Nail Work

For those still not wanting to venture out unless absolutely necessary, many treatments can be done at home. None chicer and more luxurious than Nail Work. The practitioners arrive clad in full protective gear – gloves, masks and the like – all of which are branded with the slick yet quirky logo. They set up in your home, even bringing candles, cold-brew coffee and chocolate treats to fully envision the salon experience.

The detox manicure-pedicure is the ultimate post-isolation saviour for the hands and feet. The relaxing treatment uses volcanic crystals and lavender to revitalise and condition them back to life. As well as nail packages, they also offer aromatherapy, reflexology and massage treatments all from the comfort of your home.

We also recommend taking a look at Instagram when in need of some cool, minimalist #NAILART inspiration.


When it comes to hair, a simple cut and colour isn’t going to do the post-quarantine trick. If you didn’t spend your time in isolation with a hair mask on religiously, it’s safe to say that the weeks of being tied up in messy buns and left unwashed longer than usual played a part in the lacklustre condition it might be in.

Chalk, the minimalist and monochromatic salon in Alserkel Avenue, offers plenty of haircare procedures to bring your locks back to life. The Treat Me Moisture, Strength and Repair Treatment is luxuriously indulgent, and works to revive, revitalise, and restructure the hair, leaving it feeling undeniably soft, nourished and full of its natural shine again. If opting for a cut, the stylists on hand will also advise you on how much is really needed to be chopped off to rid of any split ends and regain vivacity. Expect to leave feeling anew.

Nova Clinic

One way to achieve a brighter complexion is with a HydraFacial. It works to improve the skin’s health, as well as remove fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity and firmness, and enhance texture and tone – sounds perfect for skin that’s been kept indoors for months on end. When you think HydraFacial in Dubai, you think Nova Clinic.

The deeply cleansing facial is a multi-step procedure that begins by exfoliating away dead skin cells, before a patented, painless vortex-suction cleans out the pores and leaves them visibly fresh and rejuvenated. It’s carried out in the Al Wasl-based clinic that feels highly safe with its many measures in place – hair nets and shoe covers are provided outside the entrance and of course, gloves and masks are worn throughout.

Dr Roze & Associates 

Your teeth might not be the first thing you think about when planning your post-isolation beauty treatments, but they should be. Lazy dental routines actually make us more susceptible to the coronavirus – by reducing the number of microorganisms in the mouth, you reduce the effect that certain bacteria have. So not only should we be booking in for check-ups and cleanings, but we should increase the amount of times we brush our teeth, just like we’re washing our hands.

Based in Jumeirah, and soon to have a second location in DIFC, Dr Roze & Associates is the first in the Middle East to use a biological approach to dental care. A general check-up and hygienist cleaning here will leave you feeling fresh and new, as well as more equipped to fight against COVID-19. Teeth are checked, X-rayed and then consulted over with a specialist, before moving on to the deep cleaning which scales and polishes teeth, as well as removes stains and tartar build up in those hard-to-reach areas only a professional can get to. They also recommended the use of sustainable, green clean brand, Jordan* for both a fluoride toothpaste and bio-based bristle toothbrush – even the packaging was recycled.

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