Lesiba faced many struggles in his childhood. Due to his strong will power, he has scaled big career heights at the age of 23. He worked hard to overcome his problems and established a career which has helped him as well as others taste success in a big way.

Lesiba Mothupi was born in 1997 in Polokwane Town, South Africa to a family with one elder and one younger sibling to accompany him. Mothupi at a young age shifted to Lephalale where he spent his growing up years.  He revealed that he was not good at studies in school. The financial condition of his family was also not great with them living in a garage till he reached 14. By the age of 15, he developed an interest in skateboarding began focussing on it. To fuel his dreams and sustain himself, he along with his friends, started selling chips in a local market where he learnt many nuances of business development and growth. He did many odd jobs to support his family, however, he did not have enough funds to support his skateboarding passion. A turning point in his life came when he lost his close friend which affected his state of mind very badly. He also left studies and took on to doing illegal activities. The 23-year-old got addicted to alcohol and weed and got into bad company. To make money, he also sold weed to some of his friends. Lesiba’s parents found about his bad deeds and had to take him to task to control him from going further down the wrong path.

It was in 2018 that he dropped out of the university and started  making investments in several schemes, all of which were run by fly-by-the-night operators, which had him run into severe losses leaving him with a debt of $100K. He was hell bent on making it work and after trying multiple income streams, he zeroed on one where he made his first million. A few months later, he earned his second million and then paid off his debts. He focused on his career and went on to establish Forex Chasers and since then has never looked back.

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