Pain breaks a person but you don’t have to be broken for the rest of your life. If you channel your pain and work on your passion, success knocks on the door. This is exactly what Lesiba Mothupi did. He proved that going from rags to riches isn’t a myth or a far-fetched legend anymore.

The small-town college dropout turned into a YouTuber and entrepreneur. Now, he is the owner of ‘Forex Chasers’ and earns millions. The current South African business personality never shied away from facing even the most gruesome challenges in life. Lesiba was born in 1997 in Polokwane, South Africa.

Life began to throw some serious jabs at him when he was a teen. Lesiba lived with his mother in a garage and made a living by selling chips and sweets. He was a passionate skateboarder who sold his skateboards for funding his passion. But things took a drastic turn when the young lad lost his best friend. He was in a bad company that inflicted alcohol abuse and he started selling drugs. However, he eventually stopped when his family found out.


The immense struggle and profound pain eventually made him stronger. There came a point when he decided that he was done living his life this way. Lesiba wanted a positive change. He knew that he needed to sculpt his skills to make a career by stepping into the outside world. When he was 19, Mothupi came across the concept of forex trading after extensive research. In his first few investment attempts, the ambitious young man found himself in 100k in debt. But his resolve was firm and he kept striving to improve his situation.

With some more hard work and tenacity, he made his first million at the age of 22 and the rest is history. Now, the 23-year-old YouTube star is the owner of his very own trading institute named ‘Forex Chasers.’

The same person who was once caught in the shackles of the negative societal elements is now living a debt-free and lavish life. Now, he is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and is the king of the forex trading domain. Considering his tumultuous past, his current financial state is an absolutely enormous achievement.


Lesiba is a motivation for every budding entrepreneur. His story gives a positive message of fighting against all odds to achieve what we want in life. Forex Chasers now comprises an expert team of dedicated professionals who are determined to offer immense value to their entire client base.

The owner of the Mercedes Benz A45 revealed that their aim at Forex Chasers is to educate clients to use skills that help stay consistent on profit returns. He believes that when a person has the skill, money usually follows. From flunking school, staying out on the streets, and substance abuse, Lesiba managed to turn his life around for good with his determination and correct use of his valuable skill set.

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