The real estate market has constantly seen steady growth for the last few years. After all, people are always looking for a home for themselves or looking to upgrade their existing homes. This boom has made a lot of people want to work in real estate. However, success in the market is not easy or quick. There are a lot of rejections and learning lessons that require quite a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, attaining a reputation in flipping houses is not impossible, and Justin Colby is a testament to that.

The number of homes he has flipped since he started his venture is over 1700. However, like most real estate investors, Justin Colby also went through an arduous journey to be as successful as he is now.

What Justin Colby Did to Attain Success

At present, Justin Colby is the co-founder and president of The Science of Flipping, which is centered on mentoring aspiring investors in having the right attitude and guiding them to make the best decisions for themselves. Before he got to the level where is at, where more than a thousand students trust his advice, he had to go through the experience himself.

He worked hard towards his goals

Success in real estate cannot be attained overnight and bouncing back from all the rejections that investors will have to face while working can sometimes discourage them from trying any further.

However, despite being rejected 9 out 10 times for almost nine months straight, Justin Colby knew better than to give up. He succeeded because he persistently aimed his efforts towards his goal, which he eventually achieved through his determination and patience.

He didn’t hesitate to reach out for help

No matter how hardworking someone is, success will be out of reach if they’re not spending their time, effort, and resources wisely. That is why investors need to take advice from experts who know a lot about the real estate market.

Justin Colby admits that it was because of the guidance of his mentor that he was able to achieve so much in his venture. That is, in fact, also the reason why he started offering coaching for real estate investors in 2010.

He values the people he works with

Regardless of how hard one studies and grinds, there is still a limitation to how much they can do, and Justin Colby acknowledges that. If not for his team, whom he trusts with confidence, he may not be as well-accomplished as he is today.


Justin Colby emphasizes that becoming a successful real estate investor will not simply take a few months. If one can hold on for years and make the right decisions, the results will no doubt be satisfying. He wants to encourage aspirants to work hard with their goals in mind and not forget to reach out to others if they’re struggling. Most importantly, to those who really want to make it big in real estate, giving up should never be an option. Justin is active on Facebook and Twitter where he connects with like-minded people.

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