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Every kid (who is using a mobile phone) love to explore the hidden facts of every available app in the PlayStore. If we talk about our childhood, we millennials loved to discover the real-life things because that was not a digital era. The passion for exploring hidden facts is the same between millennials and Generation Z.

Today, every website has its own app because a user finds the app more convenient to use than using the website. When an android user opens the Google Play Store and scrolls down, then he/she can see unlimited apps. Let’s take an example of the ZARA brand because it has its own app. It’s loyal customers use the ZARA app to purchase its products.

We can see how much apps have become common these days. Even the game industry earns billions of dollars through the gaming apps. But let us tell you that every online app is not secure, whether it’s a gaming app or other inappropriate content. But parents can manage installed apps using the android spy app or many other ways.

Why do Parents need to Check Installed App in Child’s Phone?

There are a thousand inappropriate apps that can affect your kid’s mental health and cause a lack of concentration. It leads to low-productivity and leaves negative effects on studies. Some online gambling games for kids are dangerous and cause them to become violent, aggressive, etc. There are some social media apps available in PlayStore, that can also cause stress and anxiety.

Let’s find out 10 Dangerous social media apps that can affect your child’s mental health. 

  • Instagram
  • Whisper
  • Tik Tok
  • Snapchat
  • Tinder
  • IMVU
  • Kik
  • Tumblr
  • OkCupid
  • Chatspin


Few parents often neglect the fact of excessive social media usage. Meanwhile, their kids get interacted with online predators or get involved with sexting, etc. Such interaction brings nothing but harm to the kids.

Parents should watch what apps they have installed on their phones. If we talk about Tinder, there is unlimited vulgar content available. Such content is enough to develop the habit of sharing personal photos.

Tik Tok is also a platform where an individual creates unique content, but all videos do not show positivity. Some Tik-Tokers create cheap content or give a challenge to the followers (which involves dangerous activities).

Grooming Kids often Install Malware along with Unverified Apps

Youth does pay attention to discovering new things on the internet, and also unique labeled apps catch their interest quickly. Hackers often use unverified apps to attack a system and use an attractive description or label to drive the attention of the user. Once a user installs the app, it downloads the malware accidentally without giving any clue. Hackers steal personal data from the phone or harm the device.

Continue to Read to Find the Solution!

2 Powerful ways to Manage Installed Apps in Your Kid’s Phone

1 – Google Play Store – Turn on the Parental Control 

Are you thinking to hand over a mobile phone to your child?

If your response is yes, then Hold on.

Do you enable parental control on Google Play Store to set the rules of the app?

Well, this is true that parents can turn on parental control on the child’s phone. How?

Read the below section to find out.

1 – Open Settings

2 – Tap on Play Store

3 – Turn on the Parental Control

4 – Choose Area to set the restriction You Want

Here, you can add the age limit for the app selection. This feature also helps to set movies, books, Tv shows, etc.

Use Android Spyware to Set Restrictions 

We should never underestimate the learning skills of kids and how tech-savvy they are. They use the internet more than we adults do. Built-in features are like a child’s play for teens and kids. They can easily change the settings and make the parents think that they are doing their job secretly.

What’s the Better Solution?

The better way to keep the charge of your kid’s activities is the remote access to the target device. This could happen with the help of android spy app. Installing a spy tool in the target phone will reveal every online activity plus it allows the end-user to block apps. This is an efficient and easiest way to check what children are downloading from the Play Store. Some advanced apps also enable the end-user to restrict the app-purchasing process.

Wrapping Up

The digital world demands security for the kids and teens as they are not secure here. Parents should watch the online activities of their kids, and stop them from doing illegal things on the internet. Installing inappropriate apps can affect their mental health. Using the android spy app, we can guard them against social media predators who always look for a chance to haunt our youth.


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