Hitting hard in the gym is not helpful always, if you are up to gaining significant bulk or weight. Usually, people look for losing weight but many others look for gaining weight. That is why the weight gainer industry has mushroomed and is getting big day by day. 

Beginners make mistakes directly jumping on any supplement for gaining weight. Of course their decisions are influenced by their peers who have started gym just 2 days before them. 

Everybody’s physique is different. Every individual wants different training, nutrition and care. So, it is not always right to choose that supplement that works for your friend. 

How Weight Gaining Works?

A simple formula of gaining weight is to consume more calories than you burn in a day. Now people think that only calorie helps them to bulk up. But the truth is that there are other nutrients that are as important as calorie is. The biggest mistake they make by avoiding protein from their diet. Too much carbohydrate can help you to become fat but not gaining a healthy weight. For healthy weight gaining, you need strength in your muscles, tissues, and cells so that your body can adapt to the new change. Protein in the right amount is very helpful to cell growth,  muscle recovery, and development. So, it is better to have protein, carbs, fats, and other nutrients in legit ratio to gain healthy weight. If you are thinking that eating a lot can help you to gain weight, it is the right time to think again. 

Are You Ready To Gain Weight?

Struggling in gaining weight, here are some strategies that can help you to get the desired results. 

  • Work out: You may  be wondering what is the point of doing training if you want to gain weight as training is for losing weight. Well, training makes your body hungry in the first place. Because your body wants to recover the muscle breaking, the sweat spent while working out. Now your eating habit will be improved. You can eat more than usual. But the trick is do the weight training, resistance training, or any other exercises, but don’t do any of them heavily. By this way your body would learn to adapt to the new change. And you will feel hungry more often. 
  • Eat Cautiously: While working out, you need to consciously track what is going into your body. Usually when we are hungry, we satiate it by eating garbage. So, it is better to have a weight gainer after your workout. Eat quite often, a small bite but more often. Keep you snacks with you that should include almonds, sprouts, cashew nuts, nuts, and many others. Along with eating, keep yourself hydrated with water but more with electrolytes. If you can’t eat still, you should have smoothie or shakes more often. 
  • Sleep: Sleeping is the best for muscle recovery. It also helps to absorb the nutrients so that these can be transported to the right place. This is the best time when your muscles get recovered and developed. So, don’t compromise your sleep time otherwise you will never meet the desired weight gains. 

It is a saying  how hungry you are to see the desired results. But in gaining weight, it has a literal meaning. More you hungry good for your bulking up goal. If you follow these three rules, you will definitely get the healthy weight gaining that you have dreamt for. Mass gainer or weight gainer, will support your journey only if you take good care of these highly effective rules. So, get up, it is a long journey to be covered.

Raju Shahi
Raju Shahi

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