Beauty expert Mona Al-Saber drew attention to her after applying makeup about her features to a copy of the Lebanese actress Nadine Najim.


Hala Al-Turk’s mother was able to completely change her shape with a few simple steps through the use of makeup, to collect a large number of positive comments that praised her craftsmanship and creativity.


Al-Saber has published many photos and videos through her Instagram account and asked her followers to share their thoughts on the lok they want to learn from her.

Al-Saber had responded a while ago to the violent attack that she was subjected to because of her photos that the pioneers considered “bold”, and said through a video published through her account in Snapchat, that the pictures she published are very normal and not scandalous, confirming that she always wore clothes in the same way.

Al-Saber also caused controversy due to her absence from her daughter Hala’s high school graduation ceremony, and she did not write any comments on her pages on social media as if she ignored the matter.

It is noteworthy that the relationship between Hala and her mother Mona Al-Saber has witnessed differences since the star moved to live with her father, the producer Mohamed Al-Turk and his wife, Moroccan artist Donia Battma, after she reached the legal age that gives her the right to choose the place to live.

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