Gabriel Barajas, is the founder of TacosWay, a renowned Mexican Restaurant. It was created by the dream of a man, who wanted to start a chain of restaurants that would delight the customers with Mexican Food.

TacosWay is a Mexican restaurant, which was started in the year 2012. Gabriel Barajas, the founder of the restaurant actually started his work when he was just a kid and would help his father sell tortillas in the neighbouring ranches and towns. From that early age, Gabriel realised the importance of hard work and love for providing for his family. This was the first love for work and always really wanted to help his father.

Grabiel’s childhood were the hard days of his life in Mexico. All this was a want of finance and this was what shaped him up for the present-day success. His parents then decided to migrate to America, but they didn’t have a proper paper to go through, they had to hire two coyotes, to legally pass them through and to help them across. His mother was against this but this decision was taken to make a better life there. Finally, they were back in San Fernando valley. Soon his father and mother got a job. His father got a cleaner’s job and his mother a janitor job in the school, where he was studying. He would help his mother with the cleaning work after his classes. But soon his mother was taken out of the job. At that time Gabriel was 11 to 12 years old. He got a job at a local market called payless food when he was 15.

By this age, he was an expert in selling any type of things, sometimes fake watches and clothing. Even his mum would cook tortas, which he would sell to his classmates. Gabriel went to school and high school but was not able to complete his graduation. So, he got married and had a daughter Sarahi. These were his good days, but soon he had to move back in with his parents. Their struggle continued but his father was a positive attitude person who held the family together as always.

Finally, they opened a family business in San Fernando- a Mexican furniture store. This started with small capital but did well, which fetched them their first house and soon opened another store but things went back to bad. This was the turning point in the life of Gabriel, he started selling hot dogs outside the DMV and soon saved enough to open his restaurant by selling tortillas. He created the idea to call it TacosWay. He created his restaurant menu and got a small restaurant on Roscoe. Initially, people were not interested but he had decided not to give up and work hard 24/7 to fulfil his dreams of making his own restaurant chain.

Gabriel and his friend Eddie made a song to market his restaurant. They made a video and used social media platform like Facebook and Instagram, which created a buzz on social media. This helped him make his brand famous, everyone now wanted to taste their famous tacos and fries. People came from different places to eat and soon he opened out a second restaurant very near the first one. People thought it was not a good idea, but they were wrong. But now Gabriel has four more restaurants in California and recently a new restaurant was opened in Tokyo Japan.

TacosWay’s reputation was built through videos of the restaurant posted on Facebook and Instagram, today there are 145 k followers on Instagram. Today, TacosWay offers a great range of Mexican food and drinks, Mexican beer such as Micheway, Bombaway, Rubia Y la Morena and Charolazoway. There are many cocktails like margarita, shorts and signature cocktails. Due to a wide range and variety of choices of food and drinks people have become addicted to its food and drinks.

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