Jacquie Aiche, renowned jewelery designer and founder of Jacquie Aiche, has revealed she has teamed up with NSF founder Nick Friedberg to launch a co-brand JA x NSF collection. The unique collection includes distinctive pieces of sportswear that is innovative in style that reflects the creative footprint of the NSF brand and classic Jacquie Aiche innovations, including a design that embodies the shape of the eye, which is very popular in the Middle East.



The pieces are designed as everyday wearable essentials, in a California-inspired style with all its luxury and comfort, as they can be worn together or individually, with colors that imitate the hues of nature that express the creative essence of Jacquie Aiche jewelry.


The collection features sparkling suits in soft cream colors, inspired by the fresh ocean air and the warmth of the California sun, and adorned with details that embody the shape of the eye. While the black pieces and hues of a sense of boldness and a fierce spirit, just like the wildflowers found in nature, the classic Jacquie Aiche touches harmonize with the NSF creations that are elegant yet simple.



The distinctive collection, with its soft fabrics and amazing designs, suits those looking for warm winter looks that combine practicality with elegance.

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