Not content with opening up more than 60 routes, Emirates is the first airline in the world to offer a free cover against any medical costs up to Dhs638,118 for travellers affected by COVID-19. Group Chairman and Chief Executive Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed stated, “Under the directive of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, Emirates is proud to lead the way in boosting confidence for international travel.”

INC67 has questions:

Will Emirates pay for my coronavirus test?   
No. If your destination requires a PCR test upon arrival or prior to boarding, you must cover this yourself.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 on arrival?
If you test positive for COVID 19, call +971 4 2708825 or over WhatsApp on +971 56 3589937. Your expenses will only be settled directly with the hospital, clinic or other medical facility. If you pay, you will not be able to claim these expenses later.

How long is this offer valid for?   
You will be covered for travel between 23 July 2020 and 31 October 2020.

Which benefits are included?
This cover includes: reparation, including all costs to return the covered traveller home. One travel companion and accompanying minors will also have their travel costs covered. This will be the case via economy class flights, taxi or on first-class trains, as per the airline’s Covid-19 assistance team’s decision; and hospital/medical costs related to the COVID-19 up to Dh638,118 per person. In the event of a death related to the coronavirus, Emirates will transport the body to home country and cover any funeral costs up to Dhs425.

What paperwork do I need?
None. Assistance is automatically effective from the first flight of your journey and is valid for 31 days. You are also free to make your own travel insurance provisions. However in the event of being tested positive, you will have to submit these documents to enable your assistance: your Emirates flight ticket; your boarding pass; your passport, including residency visa page, if applicable; a COVID-19 positive test result that should be dated after the first day of travel
; an email address and contact number where you can be reached and your emergency contact information.

Do I qualify for the assistance if I purchased my Emirates ticket via a travel agent or an online travel agent or if my ticket involves another flight?
If you bought your ticket from Emirates – whether on or via a travel agent – you will be covered. If you purchased your ticket from another airline, even if they are a codeshare partner airline of Emirates, you will not be covered, even if one or more flights of your journey is on an Emirates aircraft.

Will I be covered if I use my miles or cash + miles to purchase my ticket?
Yes as long you have a valid Emirates ticket and you have flown the first flight of your journey on Emirates.

How long is the assistance valid for?       
The offer is valid for 31 days from the first flown flight of your journey from the date of departure, whether it is a one-way ticket or a return flight. A second one-way ticket will be treated as a new booking, with a new 31 day period of assistance. The good news is: if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 during the 31 day period then assistance will continue to be provided up to the actual duration of medical treatment or quarantine, until your return to your country of residence.

Which destinations are included?
Assistance will be provided in the country or countries visited during the trip which are mentioned in the trip booking form. Assistance will also be provided even if you continue onwards to another city using another mode of transport. The assistance will end upon your return to your country of residence.

Will my quarantine costs be taken care of? 
Your accommodation costs and those of your plus one will be covered if you are placed in individual quarantine during your trip  if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19. Assistance does not include any quarantine that applies generally or broadly to some or all of a population, vessel, or geographical area, or that applies based on where the person is traveling to, from, or through. The amount for a quarantine is according to number of days of quarantine per person or Dhs428 to cover a maximum quarantine of 14 days.     


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