Tristan Barrett is a 19-year-old teenager who turned his life around by investing in cryptocurrency. Even though he is a teenager, he has acquired huge experience in digital currencies. He is one of the youngest minds to enter the cryptocurrency industry and change its course for the better. Barrett did not have any prior privilege in this cryptocurrency industry. He is completely self-made and is a crypto hedge fund millionaire.  Moreover, he runs the first-ever crypto hedge altcoin. This is the first time someone of his age is managing this. By profession, Barrett is a software engineer. He also developed, the first marketing software which is automated and its objective is to revolutionize the cryptocurrency marketing world.

Tristan Barrett created a name for himself in the first two months of his cryptocurrency journey itself. He invested $1200 and earned a revenue of $500k. Since Barrett is a software engineer, he knows the usage of Python and uses it to crack into the Dogecoin wallet. Moreover, he is on his way to earn $7.6 Million within one year. His success at such an early age in cryptocurrency trading and marketing is unparalleled. With his continuous dedication, determination and hard work, it is inevitable for him to scale higher in this business. He has the potential to be one of the top crypto market investors in the upcoming years. Even though Bitcoin is currently the most trending digital currency in the cryptocurrency market, Tristan seems to prefer Dogecoin over bitcoin, and it has become rewarding for him regardless.

So, what is Dogecoin? Tristan went on to explain how it is different from the popular Bitcoin and why he prefers it over Bitcoin. Dogecoin is basically a digital currency that allows instant payments between traders, who are located at different places. It is based on a peer-to-peer network system. It is among the fastest digital currencies and the time limit of a transaction is estimated at around 2.5 minutes maximum. It rose in the market in the year 2017. It works by utilising Blockchain technology.

Barrett went on to explain how to buy Dogecoins. One can get Dogecoins using a credit card or simply by exchanging some digital currencies. However, the most popular way by which you can acquire Dogecoins is Mining. Faucets and tips are the secondary methods.

Even though Barrett prefers Dogecoins, this digital currency is very volatile presently. Moreover, ever since the public announcement of Tesla owning $1.5 billion in bitcoin surfaced, Dogecoin is losing its value and popularity. This does indicate a potential loss in the value of the digital currency but it’s all speculation.  It is impossible to predict the market dynamics accurately.

Thus, Tristan Barrett’s advice is ” It is your duty to study the market trends and make an informed decision.” As per him, he believes that Dogecoin has much potential in the market and is capable of exploitation.

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