The general impression about the Dark Web is that it has all kinds of criminal activity. There you can find everything from hired assassins to sex slaves. Now, however, a cyber security expert has opened the floodgates of this general impression. According to the Daily Star, this expert named Chris Montero says that there are many sites on the Dark Web that provide mercenaries, but they are all frauds.


Chris Montero said that these people talk to you via email or chatting on the website, the fee is fixed and there is a plan to kill the man but then they use delaying tactics and ask you more. Money is demanded. Eventually you find out that you have been cheated, but there is nothing you can do now because you can’t even tell the police what happened to you. That’s why the story of the mercenary’s murder on the Dark Web doesn’t come to light. Similarly, sexual slavery and sexual and physical violence against people, even watching them being killed live, are all dramas and have nothing to do with reality. These are all excuses to fool people and extort money from them.

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