The Lebanese designer Camille Chamoun presents in his high-end collection designs a wide fan of options in the custody of women looking for elegance and young women full of life, through gowns covering all views and social events, prepared for the autumn-winter season 2020-2021, and presented in parallel with the French high-fashion week offers and carried Name (Back) Come Back.

The designs diversify

from the crucial principle that art is a treat for anxiety and uncertainty, Shimon returns to present an integrated set, this time includes 30 distinct pieces, and a wedding dress, in which he combined Haute Couture designs and Prêt-à-porter designs, and included (Ensembles) and ( Tayyorat) meets the aspirations of the modern lady in her social outlook, and the long dresses add a luxurious character to the look of the lady on special occasions, in addition to short evening dresses for young women full of vitality, activity and movement. The designer, Camille Chamoun, at the time of the launch of the “Back” collection, surpassed the state of global confusion due to the “Covid 19” pandemic that did not stop him, as did other international designers. It imposes prestige on the group, along with fiery colors such as red with strong presence, and emerald green with the ability to attract attention, as well as soft colors such as calm violet.

The charm is embodied in delicate and delicate fabrics that overflow with femininity, such as the (“Plisse, Chiffon, Zipperlin, Lace”) embroidered with the design color, depending on the engineering technique in cutting and sewing dream tales in each dress separately, while some designs topped the V cut at the chest area in The upper part of the designs.

For the bride in

this artistic crowd in the design, the designer Camille Chamoun heads in the implementation of his aspirations for the dream night, which is embodied in two wedding dresses, one of which is bright white, with high sleeves, topped with a veil, and sparkling with transparent gemstones embroidering it. As for the second dress, topped by a high dome, occupied by (tulle) broken around the neck, it flew like a jewel sparkling under the light of love. This vision is part of a wider project to design groom’s suits and engagement occasions in harmony with the look of a lifetime partner.

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