Amanda Van Annan Her reputation as a renowned model has continued to grow over the years in the modeling industry. Known for her fashion and acting career, Amanda Van Annan had shoots and runway assignments in several major cities including London, Milan, New York and Paris. Amanda Van Annan’s passion for modeling and acting and making an impact on other people’s lives didn’t stop there. She wanted to use the knowledge and experience she has after being in the modeling industry for years to help others realize their full potential as a model.

The book, “Win the Runway” by Amanda Van Annan, has come as a boon for aspiring young models who are looking for a future in the field of modeling. The modeling industry is highly competitive, and making it big as a top model is no easy task. Amanda Van Annan herself has gone through it all, and she knows it all too well, that models who are just starting out would love to show them how to succeed in the modeling world. Amanda Van Annan builds on all of the upcoming models in the modeling industry based on her experiences in her book “Win The Runway” about how to grow as a successful model.

Amanda Van Annan in her book “Win the Runway” discusses a number of important things, which include all the qualities that a model needs to make it to the top. Amanda Van Annan shares many tips along with her experience, which can be well understood by any person who wants to make a future in the field of modeling to achieve success. Everything from casting, photo shoots to runway assignments in “Win The Runway” is well articulated, with interesting tips on how the model should carry herself. Amanda Van Annan also gives precise advice on the attitude required for models when entering the modeling industry.

Amanda Van Annan is actively involved with CAMFED, which raises funds to educate underprivileged African girls. She has also helped raise funds for the African Film Commission. It is an organization that develops international understanding and unity among all peoples through African art by sponsoring intercultural exchanges and educational activities. Amanda Van Annan is coauthoring an online model coaching program with renowned photographers, models and agents from the modeling industry. It helps all aspiring models to establish confidence and authenticity and inspires them to become successful models.

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