Dada Harsh was born in Jamaica. He later moved to the UK at an early age. Dada Harsh, together with his brother Axe are based in South London. They, however, have links and connections all over London.

There are many lessons hip hop startups can learn from Dada Harsh and Axe. The top leading five are; vision, influence, motivation, collaboration, and creativity. These five pillars can guide any startup to get to where they want to be. Besides, hard work and self-discipline must be accounted for to achieve desirable goals.

1. Vision

Dada Harsh and Axe have remained visionary on achieving the best results in the industry. To them, the future holds great things. They are highly hopeful and do not see anything coming contrary to their expectations. Vision has been motivating them to work as they focus on pulling up in the music industry.

2. Influence

Influencing others is the best treasure one can keep in others. Dada Harsh started first in his attempts to make music. It is incredible how he slowly influenced the younger brother to join in. They have been working together, and have crushed it in the music industry. Therefore, any startup can embrace the art of influence and see how things will turn around for the best.

3. Motivation

Dada Harsh and his brother allow motivation to take the better part of them. They are motivated by the fact that music has the power to change people. Besides, the creative process of making songs is stimulating, and this gives them more zeal. It is, therefore, true that motivation is a primary ingredient for a successful music startup.

4. Collaboration

Collaboration is a vital factor for any music startup. Dada Harsh collaborated with his younger brother in some of his projects, and sure enough, he succeeded in his missions in the music industry. Collaboration gives one a chance to share in other people’s talents and skills. Hip hop startups can learn the role of collaboration from this phenomenal musician who is changing lives in the music industry.

5. Creativity

Dada Harsh and Axe are creative people. Making music calls for a high level of creativity. These musicians have worked creatively towards making their hit ‘City.’ Hip hop startups are called to be creative to scale in the music industry.

In conclusion, the five lessons hip hop startups can learn from these rocking musicians are; vision, influence, motivation, collaboration, and creativity.

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