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If you’re a gym freak that spends hours in the gym working out to build staunch muscles, you must be aware of the importance of the right nutrition. You need to have plenty of carbs, fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals in order to boost muscle building.

The on-the-go lifestyle and busy schedules hardly leave you with any time to have multiple meals and get all the essential nutrients. This is why supplements have swiftly made a place in people’s lives. Whey protein is the most popular supplement with bodybuilders as it helps with building muscles and fulfills the daily protein requirements.

Another popular supplement is BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) which helps with faster muscle recovery and soothes muscle soreness while reducing fatigue. In this article, find out about 5 best BCAA supplements in India that can help every fitness buff with his muscle-building journey.

What is BCAA?

Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are 3 essential amino acids that help in boosting muscle protein synthesis and fuel muscle recovery. Together these are known as BCAA. BCAAs not only accelerates the muscle repair and recovery process but also promotes weight loss and prevents fatigue.

Incorporating BCAA in the daily diet is a great option for all those who are looking for muscle gains, weight loss, and faster recovery. Many brands sell BCAA supplements in the market and this leads to confusion regarding the choice of the best BCAA supplement.

Let this article help you in choosing the best out of the muddle.

5 best BCAA supplements available in the Indian market 2020

  • MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro

A powerful intra-workout supplement by MuscleBlaze is undoubtedly the best BCAA supplement in India that offers 7g BCAA per serving along with 1057mg electrolytes with sodium and potassium to keep your muscles hydrated during intense workouts. It delivers 2.50g glutamine per serving and accelerates muscle recovery rate. It increases your workout time. 

  • MuscleXP Instantized BCAA

The next BCAA powder to make it to this list is Instantized BCAA by MuscleXP. Available in Orange flavor, this supplement enhances recovery and helps in improving your performance. It can be used as a pre, intra, or post-workout drink. It offers 6g BCAA per serving along with high levels of leucine to boost muscle protein synthesis. It has great mixability and is super smooth. It perfectly fits your budget and gives great results.

  • Scivation Xtend BCAA

Another addition to this list is this potent BCAA powder by Scivation. It is a car and sugar-free intra-workout catalyst that helps in boosting the intensity of training and improves protein synthesis in muscles. It enhances muscle response and improves your performance. It is also fortified with electrolytes that keep you hydrated so that you can build an optimum level of endurance.

  • Grizzly Nutrition Infume Pure BCAA

Available in refreshing Lime Mojito flavor, this BCAA powder lets you experience effective muscle recovery during and post-workout. Each serving of this BCAA supplement offers 6g of isolated BCAAs in a proportion of 4:1:1. It’s free from any kind of fillers, dye, and color and is the purest BCAA supplement. You can consume it at any time but it is particularly beneficial when consumed as an intra-workout fuel. It repairs muscle and the body’s strength and reduces muscle soreness without exercise. It fuels you with instant energy to workout for longer durations.

  • Ultimate Nutrition BCAA powder

This BCAA powder offers 6g BCAA per serving with leucine, isoleucine, and valine ratio of 2:1:1 which helps in maintaining the muscle tissue. This muscle gaining BCAA supplement fuels you with energy so that you can carry out intense workouts. The product also strengthens your muscles and boosts stamina. It also acts as a fat reducing agent that helps in burning extra calories without having any impact on your muscle development.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned BCAA supplements to boost your muscle-building experience by enhancing muscle recovery. All these supplements offer great benefits with a pocket-friendly price. If you are still confused about picking up a supplement that suits your needs, we recommend that you choose MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro. It is a powerful intra-workout fuel that helps in boosting your energy levels to keep you going and train like a beast.

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